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Chichen Itza is located on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. A "Pre-Hispanic" city, it was colonized by the Mayans, who built pyramids there that still exist today. There are three natural sinkholes at Chichen Itza that provide access to underground water sources. These sinkholes called cenotes were sacred to the Mayan gods, and were the locations of sacrifices when the weather was bad or crops didn't do well. The central pyramid at Chichen Itza, El Castillo The Castle is popular for visitors on the annual spring and fall equinoxes. On those days, the patterns of sunlight create a shadow that looks like a plumed serpent along the side of the pyramid.

Some believe this serpent is supposed to represent the Mayan god Kulkukan. Stones native to Chichen Itza, such as jade and quartz, are believed to have healing properties. Several spas in the area give healing massages using these local stones. For sasil-tun, or hot stone therapy, the stones are heated and rubbed with aromatic oils and salts, then placed on the body.

The stones help redirect energy and cleanse the body of toxins. Once a stone has been used, it is cleaned carefully and then placed back on the ground so that it can renew its energy straight from the source, the sacred Mayan earth. Built in a fishing village, this ashram considers itself the center of a "silent spiritual revolution. Amma spends much of the year traveling, so check her schedule to ensure she'll be there although the ashram is worth a visit regardless.

Kerala, where the mission is located, is also the birthplace of ayurveda, the study of prolonging life through homeopathic medicine and massage.


A particularly rejuvenating treatment entails stripping naked and sitting on a wooden bench as not one but two therapists pour hot oil over your entire body and then rub it in with long, sweeping strokes to break down bodily toxins and eliminate any imbalances. In , a young girl named Bernadette Soubrious saw an image of the Virgin Mary appear to her in a grotto in the small town of Lourdes, located in the Pyrenees in southern France. Her vision of Mary known as Our Lady of Lourdes transformed the village into a destination for pilgrims from around the world.

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Before Mary appeared to Bernadette, the ground under the grotto is said to have been hard and dry, but afterward a spring began to flow. The water that flows from that spring is said to have healing properties. As for the young girl, she was later canonized as St. Bernadette after it was discovered that her exhumed body had not decomposed.

Sedona is famous for its red and orange sandstone rock formations. The Sinagua Indians lived in Sedona for many years, and they built what is known as Montezuma's Castle, a large dwelling inside a limestone recess. Many people believe that several healing energy vortexes meet underneath Sedona. In , groups of people gathered in holy spots around the world, including Sedona, to mark the "Harmonic Convergence," a time of love and world peace which was inspired by the Mayan calendar. Because of the many New Age people who visit Sedona every year, there are myriad holistic spas throughout the town, offering massages, herbal skin treatments, bodywork, yoga classes, and more.

In addition to being beautiful, the red rocks of Sedona make for excellent hiking trails and camping spots, and artists have also noticed the spiritual beauty of Sedona. Technically, the Dead Sea is a lake--a terminal lake, which means that it has no outlet to a larger body of water. As a result, it is rich in minerals, primarily salt, but also magnesium, potassium, and calcium.


Both the water and the black mud that lines the Dead Sea are believed to hold healing properties. The year-round warm air is also said to be good for respiratory illnesses like asthma. Pilgrims from around the world come to the Dead Sea to soothe skin conditions or rejuvenate arthritic bones.

In the most common healing ritual, visitors will float for twenty minutes this is about the maximum the body can stand in the salty water, then cover themselves in rich black mud. After the mud dries, they shower it off. Skin looks refreshed and glowing afterward. Finding the right partner can transform your financial life. We are intended to be in relationship with the ongoing It is time Russian Banyas Sandunovskie Banya, Moscow Russian Banyas Sandunovskie Banya, Moscow The banya is a Slavic Eden: a steamy, womb-like place where you can take off all your clothes and snack on caviar and stuffed herring.

Japanese Onsen, Shikoko Island Japanese Onsen, Shikoko Island Because Japan stretches across volcano fault lines, many of its springs are naturally heated and rich in minerals.

Matha Amritananandamayi Mission, Amritapuri, India Matha Amritananandamayi Mission, Amritapuri, India Built in a fishing village, this ashram considers itself the center of a "silent spiritual revolution. Lourdes, France Lourdes, France In , a young girl named Bernadette Soubrious saw an image of the Virgin Mary appear to her in a grotto in the small town of Lourdes, located in the Pyrenees in southern France. Sedona, Arizona Sedona, Arizona Sedona is famous for its red and orange sandstone rock formations.

Recommended For You. Read More. How to Apologize so People Forgive You. Yes, it is Possible to Be Addicted to Architects are working with scientists to imbue the spaces we move through — the sights, sounds, and smells of them — with active healing properties. There are certainly physiological and neuroscientific bases to that feeling, and I am convinced — I know — that these things can be measured.

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This is On Being. I spoke with Esther Sternberg in She grew up in Canada surrounded by scientists. Her father survived a concentration camp in Russia to become a pioneer of nuclear medicine. She trained with a good deal of scientific skepticism that emotions play any role in health.

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But she had a radical change of mind between breakthroughs in medical research, the illness of her mother, and her own diagnosis of arthritis. Some listeners may remember my popular interview with her a few years ago about stress and the balance within. And he used to read while he ate breakfast, and there was probably a mystery story propped up against his coffee mug [laugh]. And all I could hear was a dog barking and the pock-pock of a tennis ball across on the — at the courts across the street and the birds chirping.

And I only understood many, many years later that, for him, he was only about 10 years away from the war, from World War II. And my mother also — my mother and her siblings had escaped literally on the last moments when the trains were leaving Rumania, Germany, and, you know, eventually they got to Canada. And my parents explicitly instilled in me the knowledge that we should look, hear, smell, touch everything in our surrounding environment and savor it because this could be your last day.

They actually said that to me a number of times, especially the sunset.

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  • And you ask, do our surroundings in turn have an effect on us? Well, so Roger Ulrich is an environmental psychologist who took advantage of a naturalistic experiment, if you will, where in patients were admitted to a ward for gallbladder surgery. Back in those days, you actually stayed in hospital for a number of days after you had gallbladder surgery. And some of them randomly were assigned to beds with a view of a brick wall and others had a view of a grove of trees. And all of these patients were taken care of by the same doctors and nurses. So it was an extraordinarily well-controlled study.

    And his hypothesis is that endorphins are released in that part of the brain that recognizes a beautiful or preferred view. And he said, why else would we pay hundreds of dollars more for a hotel room with a beautiful view? I mean, so I think most people or certainly many people would agree that being in a place of beautiful nature is somehow nourishing, uplifting. You know, people would use different words.

    So what do you know — what do we know now about what is happening in us physiologically in those experiences? He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me beside the still waters; He restoreth my soul. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.

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    • I actually read that in your book as well and was so struck by it. So those environmental variables are really important. Again, maybe we know this, but when you talk about or you describe the places where I think many of us have memories of being invigorated by these things, of being most aware of them, would be gardens or, on the other end of that, stained-glass windows, that somehow captures some of that same, you know, almost not just the restorative, but the energetic properties of those things. But equally, you want to be energized, you want to be happy, you want to have some sense of desire, you want to be alive.

      Being alive means that you respond moment to moment to different external stimuli in an appropriate way, and people want to feel alive. People in theater, people in movies figured all this stuff out a long time ago. Well, the lights go out. So now you can immerse yourself in another place, in an imaginary place, and you forget about your surroundings. I learned this interesting piece of information when I actually went to their library, and you can look at the original drawings of Sir Thomas Willis, the anatomist who first described the brain in perfect detail.

      He has this huge tome from where he — every page shows engravings of the brain in perfect detail.